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About Us


A registered organization under Societies Registration Act 1860, Darpan Samiti came into existence on 10th May 2011. Founded by Ms. Vibhu Krishna, a committed social activist, Darpan has been a force for good in this region. Under the dynamic leadership of Ms.Vibhu Krishna who is also radio announcer, media person, event manager and documentary movie maker, DarpanSamiti has engaged with Central & State Governments, prominent NGOs and other social enterprises for design and delivery of number of projects.




Darpan Samiti aspires to be an outstanding People-Development Social Enterprise, focusing on overall positive transformation of Uttarakhand, through a range of constructive initiatives in diverse domains, engaging and empowering the Youth in the region.


1. To nourish, promote and channelize Youth Talent of Uttarakhand in achieving excellence in diverse areas and evolve as a force for good

2. To actively promote Uttarakhand’s rich Cultural Heritage, engaging in diverse initiatives, partnering with various Government and non-governmental bodies

3. To vigorously contribute to the promotion of Science, Literature & Fine Arts in the region

4. To energetically engage in the propagation of Civil Rights and various Awareness Campaigns directed at positive social transformation in the region

5. To significantly contribute towards Women Empowerment, Rural Livelihood, Skill Development, Nature Conservation, Entrepreneurship Development etc., by partnering with Governmental and non-governmental bodies/agencies

6. To support all kinds of social/historical audio-video and indigenous research documentation activities focused on this region by rendering services ranging from scripting, voice-over to final editing

7. To facilitate the creation and governance of a Museum specifically dedicated to Uttrakhand Culture, Crafts, Arts & Artefacts.

8. To actively support educational institutions in the region in promoting reading habit among youth through creation of community libraries and a range of focused initiatives

9. To support other social enterprises by combining expertise and experience so as to substantially contribute towards overall development and social harmony in the region of Uttarakhand

10. To sincerely and ceaselessly strive for People – Development in Uttarakhand, prevent migration of local talent to other places (by generating livelihood opportunities), promote ecologically sustainable development and overall positive transformation of Uttarakhand